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Architectural Ethnography
Published Apr. 2018
ISBN 978-4-88706-371-6
Unit Price: 1,500JPY

Editors: Momoyo Kaijima, Laurent Stalder, Yu Iseki

Curator Kaijima Momoyo Explores Drawings from Around the World
This is the official English guide book to the Architectural Ethnography exhibit on show at the Japan Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale (May 26 – November 25, 2018).
200 pages, 168×210mm (B5 modified), English
Published Sep 2016
ISBN 978-4-88706-361-7
Unit Price: 18,000JPY

Author/Photography: Yutaka Saito

A condensed record spanning 22 years.
The origins of Japanese architecture.
A collection of around 50 of the greatest examples of classical architecture from each era, from ancient times to the present day.
Presents new values and perspectives on Japanese architecture through a combination of valuable photographs, unique perspective, and highly specialized expertise.
Introduces 1,000 years of rich architectural culture to Japanese and overseas readers in an in-depth and accessible style.
400 pages, 267 x 350mm (B4 modified), Japanese/English
Published Apr 2017
ISBN 978-4-88706-363-1
Unit Price: 18,000JPY

Author/Photography: Yutaka Saito

The second volume introduces superior architectural remains from Medieval Japan and the modern era with detailed illustrations and photographs. It contains structures from the Muromachi era to the Meiji era, including Shoin, Chashitsu, Sukiya, Jokaku, Teien, and Minka. This truly enthralling book encapsulates the essence of Japanese architecture.
Shoin: A Japanese style of architecture featuring rooms and buildings that were used as studies or libraries
Chashitsu: Independent separate room or building used for tea ceremonies
Sukiya: A residential house with chashitsu
Jokaku: A castle
Teien: A garden
Minka: A private house
400 pages, 267 x 350mm (B4 modified), Japanese/English
坂 茂の建築
Published Apr 2017
ISBN 978-4-88706-365-5
Unit Price: 3,900JPY

Author: Shigeru Ban

Traces of Ban's architecture systematized with five themes.
Shigeru Ban won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2014.The architect has earned plaudits for his wide-ranging activities, which among much else include the use of paper tubes as structural material, a wooden and large framing space, and providing humanitarian support in disaster-affected areas.More than 100 important works have been selected from his activities,reflecting a clear departure from other architects in the same generation. The works are divided into five different subjects and deciphered.This is the first selection of the works of Ban, who himself was also involved in structuring the selection.
400 pages, 190x250mm(B5 modified), Japanese/Englsih
Published Nov 2017
ISBN 978-4-88706-369-3
Unit Price: 4,300JPY
Direction: Etsuko Watari,

Cooperation: Instituo Lina Bo e P.M. Bardi

The most important thing for an architect is not to construct well but to know how the majority of the folk live...
A long-awaited selection of works by Lina Bo Bardi, a major figure in the modernization and democratization of Brazilian architecture.The book contains attractive photos and rare, privately owned sketches, among other content, and offers an overview of Bo Bardi's wide range of creations. A discussion between Kazuyo Sejima and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, two architects influenced by Bo Bardi, is also included.
288 pages, 190x250mm (B5 modified), Japanese/English
図解 アトリエ・ワン
Published Mar 2007
ISBN 978-4-88706-278-8
Unit Price: 2,600JPY

Author: Atelier Bow-Wow (Yoshiharu Tsukamoto + Momoyo Kaijima)

Explore Atelier Bow-Wow's projects through their unique illustrative drawings!
A collection of detailed drawings by Atelier Bow-Wow.Presents 29 projects through unique sectional perspective drawings that invite not only students of architecture but also general readers to understand and enjoy the work by the architect duo.
156 pages, 260x260mm, Japanese/English
図解2 アトリエ・ワン
Published Feb 2014
ISBN 978-4-88706-340-2
Unit Price: 3,000JPY

Author: Atelier Bow-Wow(Yoshiharu Tsukamoto + Momoyo Kaijima)

The much-anticipated second volume of illustrative architectural drawings by Atelier Bow-Wow!
A book for readers to enjoy detailed drawings of Atelier Bow-Wow's new types of projects such as public facilities and temporary spaces.
174 pages, 260x260mm, Japanese/English
Sou Fujimoto Architecture Works 1995-2015
Published Apr 2015
ISBN 978-4-88706-349-5
Unit Price: 3,800JPY

Author: Sou Fujimoto

Introduction to Sou Fujimoto's major projects over the last 20 years!
This compilation features the works of Sou Fujimoto, a globally recognized architect. It takes a look back at what Fujimoto has done in his twenty years of work as an architect,providing a first-hand look at how the location and scale of original concepts change and develop into the final form.The end of the book contains an exclusive essay by Fujimoto in which he reflects on the events of each year and his personal thoughts.
376 pages, 190x250mm (B5 modified), Japanese/English
Published Mar 2010
ISBN 978-4-88706-309-9
Until Price: 2,000JPY

Author: Tadao Ando

An extra edition to TOTO's Tadao Ando series! Architecture is all about the process behind an idea.
What did Tadao Ando think about as he developed his bulidings from conception to realization? An unconventional book that invites readers to trace the process behind Ando's work throught numerous sketches made by the architect.
320 pages, 190x250mm(B5 modified), Japanese/Englsih
About TOTO Publishing
Since TOTO Publishing was established in 1989 as part of TOTO’s social contribution program、 it has been producing books that take a unique perspective on architecture、 design、 and life and culture.

The ten-volume “Architectural Map” series that was made to augment the enjoyment of architectural pilgrimages has been a major bestseller since its launch with the first Architectural Map of Tokyo in 1994. Initiated in the same year with the publishing of Chikyu kazoku (Material World)、 the four-volume “Chikyu (Earth)” photo-book series that allows readers to intuitively learn about the dwellings、 lifestyles、 and dietary cultures of various countries around the world has been well-received by a wide audience that includes educational practitioners、 students、 and the general media.

Starting in 1995、 TOTO Publishing has been producing books in conjunction with the exhibitions of TOTO GALLERY·MA to widely convey the ideas and values of both domestic- and foreign-based architects and designers. TOTO Publishing is also contributing to the development and transmission of architectural culture by being one of the few publishers continuing to produce monographs of domestic and foreign architects、 such as Luis Barragan (1992)、 or the more recent Tadao Ando series (5 volumes、 2007–2015) and STUDIO MUMBAI: Praxis (2012).

TOTO Publishing aims to continue to contribute to the development of architecture, design、 and life and culture through making books that will enrich the lives of all readers.

* The TOTO Publishing website is in Japanese only.
TOTO Publishing established
Luis Barragan (1992) awarded the Tokyo Art Directors Club Hiromu Hara Prize
Yangotonaki himegimitachi no shinshitsu [The Bedrooms of the Noble
Princesses] (1994) awarded the Zatugaku Shuppan Award
Published The Architectural Map of Tokyo
Published Chikyu kazoku (Material World)
Published 100th book
Bookshop TOTO opened on 2nd floor of the TOTO Nogizaka Building
Kazuo Shinohara (1996) awarded the Mainichi Art Award Special Prize
Total circulation exceeds 1,000,000 prints
Europe: The Contemporary Architecture Guide vol. 1 (1998) awarded 33rd Japan Book Design Exhibition Award for Natural Science Book
Published 200th book
TOKYO ELEVEN PARADISE (2001), Kindai kenchiku no shougen (The Oral History of Modern Architecture) (2001), and Le Corbusier: HOUSES (2001) awarded 36th Japan Book Design Exhibition Award
Kindai kenchiku no shougen (The Oral History of Modern Architecture) (2001) awarded “Most Beautiful Book in the World” International Contest Bronze Award
Nihon no ie [Traditional Houses of Japan] (2002) and Kenchiku wo shiko suru dimenshon [The Dimensions of Architectural Thinking] (2002) awarded 37th Japan Book Design Exhibition Award for Natural Science Book
Total circulation exceeds 2,000,000 prints
Mikan no kenchikuka Frank Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright) (2007) awarded 42nd Japan Book Design Exhibition Award
Glenn Murcutt: Thinking Drawing / Working Drawing (2008) awarded 50th Catalogue & Poster Fair Special Prize
Glenn Murcutt: Thinking Drawing / Working Drawing (2008) awarded 43rd Japan Book Design Exhibition Award Honorable Mention
Nihon no niwa: Kotohajime [Japanese Gardens: An Introduction] (2008) awarded The Academic Society of Japanese Garden Award Honorable Mention
Published 300th book
The Architecture of Gerrit Th. Rietveld (2009) and Studies in Organic (2009) awarded 44th Japan Book Design Exhibition Award Honorable Mention
TOTO publishing celebrates the 25th anniversary of the foundation.
Books Published: 365 (as of March 2018)
Total Circulation: 2,780,000 prints (as of March 2018)