The Form of Knowledge The Prototype of Architectural Thinking and Its Application
Published: August 2018
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Author: Ryuji Fujimura

287×220mm(A4modified), 456pages, Japanese/English
Description of contents
Ryuji Fujimura approaches architecture as creative relationships between knowledge and form-“chi no katachi” (materialization of knowledge) -and has been examining and exploring all aspects of design as the prototype of architectural thinking. This book features the latest architectural designs and essays by Fujimura, who tries to redefine architecture as a dynamic intellectual tool for the realization of more tolerant societies that appreciate diversity, especially in today’s social context where people fluctuate between democracy and populism while AI (artificial intelligence) handles an increasing volume of information.
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0.00|The Form of Knowledge

0.0 |Visiting Fukushima and Drawing a Line

1.0 |Super Linear Design Process

2.0 |Semiotic Experiments: X HOUSE

3.0 |Mass Learning, Mass Decision

4.0 |Give form to Collective Knowledge

5.0 |From Semiotic to Continuous: Three Experiments with Apartment Building

6.0 |Towards Collective and Continuous Architecture

7.0 |Architecture as A Form of Knowledge

8.0 |Articles | Yoshikazu Nango Drawing a Line – Architectural Thinking of Ryuji Fujimura

9.0 |Study of “Discrete Space”