SUEP.  10 Stories of Architecture on Earth
SUEP. 10 Stories of Architecture on Earth
Published: June 2022
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Hirokazu Suemitsu Yoko Suemitsu SUEP.

225×148mm, 400pages, Japanese/English
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SUEP. is an architectural practice that has been engaged in design activities based on the theme of "symbiosis with nature" since its establishment in 2003. How can we create architecture that brings happiness not only to people, or to the earth, but to both? In this book, ten architectural projects undertaken by SUEP. are introduced as a series of stories to highlight the trajectory of their thinking. In addition to the architectural works, numerous researches and studies conducted in the making process provide clues for thinking about the future of the earth.
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Hirokazu Suemitsu + Yoko Suemitsu / SUEP.
SUEP. is an architect unit based in Tokyo and Fukuoka that is active both in Japan and overseas. With the theme of the global environment, he is working on environmental architectural design for a new era in which nature and architecture coexist, leading to resource and energy circulation, using simulation technology such as wind and heat.
Major awards include the 27th Yoshioka Award (2011), the 29th Yoshinobu Ashihara Award (2019), and the 2018 Good Design Award Gold Award. Major works include “House on Awaji Island” (2018, Hyogo Prefecture), “Kyushu Geibunkan Annex 1” (2013, Fukuoka Prefecture, jointly designed with Nihon Sekkei), “Midori no Oka Terrace” (2020, Tokyo) )Such. Currently, “Hyakka Office” (co-designed with RHTAA, Taiwan) and “SOLSO FARM OFFICE” (co-designed with SOLSO, Kanagawa Prefecture) are underway.
Hirokazu Suemitsu (architect)
Born in Ehime prefecture in 1976. Graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1999. Completed the graduate school of the same university in 2001. 2001–2006 Toyo Ito Architects. Presided over by SUEP. Since 2007. 2009-2011 Yokohama National University Y-GSA Design Assistant. Since 2020, he has been an associate professor at Kyushu University Graduate School.
Yoko Suemitsu (architect)
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1974. Graduated from Hiroshima University in 1997. 1997–2003 Sato Comprehensive Plan. Established SUEP. In 2003. 2018-2022 Part-time lecturer at Showa Women’s University.
Stories of Ten Architecture Spun on Earth
Hirokazu Suemitsu + Yoko Suemitsu

#01 Living with Living Things
midori no oka terrace / Commercial Complex in N City

#02 The Sun Engraved into Our Body
House in Awaji Island / SOLSO FARM OFFICE

#03 Embracing Fickle Winds
Fu Ko Sha / G-Project

#04 Green Commons
Resola Imaizumi Terrace / New Kagawa Gymnasium Proposal

#05 Earth and Architecture
House of Cave / LIG Restaurant Complex

#06 Harvesting Energy
Yamamoto-cho Yamashita Daini elementary school / Forest for Workcation Ring

#07 A Tree Is the Subject
Office By-you / Kyushu Geibunkan Annex 1, Hammock Gallery

#08 Semi-outdoor Spaces Tolerate Ambiguity
Glass House in Kiyosato / Proposal for Kamaishi City Hall

#09 Blessings of the Water Cycle
Kokage / Proposal for M Department Store Rooftop Renewal Competition

#10 Living with Disasters
Ureshino Shiota Junior-high School + Ureshino Cultural Center / Stilt House on the River

Harvest in Architecture: Forms That Embrace Nature
Hirokazu Suemitsu + Yoko Suemitsu

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