Sincere by Design: The Architecture of Sou Fujimoto
Sincere by Design: The Architecture of Sou Fujimoto
Published: October 2017
Authors: Sou Fujimoto, Noriko Takiguchi

304×228mm, 96pages, English
Description of contents
Delving into the Mind of Renowned Japanese Architect Sou Fujimoto
This interview book with Sou Fujimoto was published when the exhibition Sou Fujimoto: FUTURES OF THE FUTURE, first shown at TOTO GALLERY·MA in 2015, began its JAPAN HOUSE* tour. In this original, content-rich interview conducted by international journalist Noriko Takiguchi, Fujimoto speaks about what led him to pursue architecture, the backstories behind his work, his relationships with his clients, and his thoughts on the future.

This book can be purchased at Bookshop TOTO (located at TOTO GALLERY·MA in Nogizaka, Tokyo), the JAPAN HOUSE locations (São Paulo, Los Angeles, and London), Idea Books, and To purchase a digital version of the book, click here.

*The JAPAN HOUSE is an overseas hub established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to showcase and communicate Japan with the international community in 3 cities of the world as part of efforts to strengthen strategic global communication. (from the official website)
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