TANGE BY TANGE 1949-1959/丹下健三が見た丹下健三
TANGE BY TANGE 1949-1959
Published: January 2015
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Author: Waro Kishi, Kenya Hara, Saikaku Toyokawa

310×270mm, 252pages, Japanese/English
Description of contents
Unreleased contact sheets taken by the unique camera aficionado Kenzo Tange! Released for the first time!
This actual-size compilation features photos (contact sheets) that Kenzo Tange personally took during the 10-year period of 1949 to 1959. This photographic record of works by Tange and pictures he took on trips or while visiting places like the Katsura Imperial Vila is sure to provide insight into the mind of this unique camera aficionado.
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Encountering Kenzo Tange: Waro Kishi
Profile of Kenzo Tange
Kenzo Tange as Seen through the Eyes of Kenzo Tange: 1949-1959

Ⅰ Urban Cores and Architectural Cores

Ⅱ Attempts as Large-Span Spaces

Ⅲ Confrontations with Tradition

Ⅳ Explorations of Reinforced Concrete Expressions

Ⅴ Interactions with the Outside Worlds: Grand Tours and Theater Art

Ⅵ From the Building that Synthesized the '50s to a Prologue of the '60s

Kenzo Tange's 1950s as Seen through Documents and a Chronology

Kenzo Tange as Seen by a Graphic Designer
Profiles, Credits and Bibliography