HOLZ BAU──Timber Architecture in the Early Modern Period of Germany: Expanded Edition
Published: September 2022
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Editors, Conception: Katsuya Fukushima, Hiroko Tominaga, Jin Motohashi, Rei Sawaki

256×158mm, 392pages, Japanese/English
Description of contents
The book is a record of a creative quest sought by Japanese architects that researched the forgotten masterpieces of timber architecture in the early modern period of Germany. It introduces the buildings with architectural drawings and pictures taken during the research trip and vividly depicts the excitement of the trip with cartoons. Essays and discussions of the meaning of architects to research are also included. The first copies were sold out immediately after release, and this expanded edition includes a new discussion with Yoshiharu Tsukamoto of Atelier Bow-Wow.
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Katsuya Fukushima
Katsuya Fukushima Born in 1968. Architect. Cofounder of FT Architects and Professor at Tokyo City University. His architectural design and research focus on the theme of “Engineering and Aesthetics”.
Hiroko Tominaga
Born in 1967. Architect. Cofounder of FT Architects and Professor at Kogakuin University. She produces cartoons and drawings focusing on the theme of “two-dimensional representation of architectural spaces and experiences”.
Jin Motohashi
Born in 1986. Architectural Historian. Former curator at MoMAK and currently resides at CCA (Canadian Centre for Architecture) as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Program. He works in a wide range of areas, where he not only curates at museums but also for plays.
Rei Sawaki
Born in 1990. Architect. Member of FT Architects. He graduated from Tokyo University of Science and received his Master’s degree in Architecture at TU Delft.
Chapter 1 Source
  • Shinkenchiku July 1938 “Timber Structure Edition” Reissue
Chapter 2 Architecture
  • 調査概要
  • Research Outline
    Timber Drywall Structure Christoph & Unmack AG
    • 1 Das Konrad Wachsmann Haus
    • 2 Einsteinhaus Caputh
    • 3 Haus Schottländer
    • Comic 1 “Beginning of Prefab” Einsteinhaus Caputh
    • Field Note 1 “The House has everything in the world” Haus Schottländer
  • Timber Drywall Structure Dwelling
    • 4 Das Kupferhaus
    • 5 Wochenendhaus Rist
    • Field Note 2 “The Six Sides” Das Kupferhaus
    • Field Note 3 “Cut and Open” Wochenendhaus Rist
  • Large-span Timber Structure Hall
    • 6 Turnhalle am Hedtberg Wuppertal
    • 7 Schützenhalle Lenhausen
    • 8 Stallgebäude Wernesgrün
    • 9 Dortmund-Brackel Holzturnhalle
    • 10 Flugzeughalle Gäubodenkaserne Feldkirchen
    • Comic 2 “Patched Time” Flugzeughalle Gäubodenkaserne Feldkirchen
  • Large-span Timber Structure Church
    • 11 Die Offenbarungskirche in Berlin-Friedrichshain
    • 12 Christuskirche Düren
    • 13 Kirche Christi Verklärung
    • Comic 3 “Emergency and Eternity” Die Offenbarungskirche in Berlin-Friedrichshain
    • Field Note 4 “Illustration” Christuskirche Düren
  • Timber Construction Company Town Development
    • 14 Niesky
    • 15 Hellerau
Chapter 3 Essay
  • Image of Timber | Katsuya Fukushima
  • Indecisive Technology –Overviewing the 20’s Germany and the 70’s Japan | Jin Motohashi
  • Timber engineering in the digital age Paul Mayencourt, Caitlin Mueller
  • Discussion | What can architects learn from History I | Go Hasegawa × Katsuya Fukushima × Hiroko Tominaga × Jin Motohashi× Rei Sawaki
  • Dialogue | What can architects learn from History II | Jan Theissen × Katsuya Fukushima
  • Discussion | What can architects learn from Research | Yoshiharu Tsukamoto×Katsuya Fukushima×Hiroko Tominaga×Jin Motohashi×Rei Sawaki
  • Discussion | The making of HOLZ BAU | Katsuya Fukushima×Hiroko Tominaga×Jin Motohashi×Rei Sawaki×Yuichi Nishimura