The Essence of Japanese Architecture II
Published: April 2017
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Author/Photography: Yutaka Saito

350×267mm(B4 modified), 400pages, Japanese/English
Description of contents
The second volume introduces superior architectural remains from Medieval Japan and the modern era with detailed illustrations and photographs. It contains structures from the Muromachi era to the Meiji era, including Shoin, Chashitsu, Sukiya, Jokaku, Teien, and Minka. This truly enthralling book encapsulates the essence of Japanese architecture.

Shoin: A Japanese style of architecture featuring rooms and buildings that were used as studies or libraries
Chashitsu: Independent separate room or building used for tea ceremonies
Sukiya: A residential house with chashitsu
Jokaku: A castle
Teien: A garden
Minka: A private house

The Essence of Japanese Architecture: Space of Society: Essay by Yutaka Saito
Engakuji Temple Shariden (Reliquary Hall)
Tofukuji Temple Sanmon Gate and Zendo Hall
Rokuonji Temple Kinkaku Pavilion
Jishoji Temple Ginkaku Pavilion and Togudo Hall
Shokokuji Temple Bell Tower
Ryoanji Temple Hojo Garden
Onjoji Temple Kojoin Guest Hall
Kodaiji Temple Otamaya Sanctuary
Himeji Castle
Myokian Temple Taian Tea Room
Urakuen Jo-an Tea Room
Shinjuan Temple Teigyokuken Tea Room
Saioin Temple Todomi-no-seki Tea Room
Katsura Imperial Villa
Kohoan Temple Bosen Tea Room
Sankeien Garden Choshukaku Tea Pavilion
Enuma Shrine Choryu-tei Pavilion
Sumiya Ageya House
Former Shizutani School
Yoshimura House
Yoshijima House

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