Published: July 2010
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Author: Koh Kitayama, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Ryue Nishizawa

210×168mm(B5 modified), 144pages, Japanese/English
Description of contents
(The new architecture) generated by Tokyo gently optimizes the city.
Introduces the urban theory of Tokyo of Koh Kitayama and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, using the detached houses and condominiums that Kitayama, Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow-Wow), and Ryue Nishizawa are actually creating in Tokyo as practical examples of the theory. Two of the buildings described in detail by the designers themselves are the "House & Atelier Bow-Wow" (designed by Atelier Bow-Wow) and "Moriyama House" (designed by Nishizawa). The authors point out that the complexion of the city that is changing as a result of small architectural innovations is precisely the concept of the state of architecture that was formerly called "metabolism" and is now being put into practice at the level of the city known as Tokyo.
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Preface: Koh Kitayama

Tokyo in Theory: Koh Kitayama

Escaping the Spiral of Intolerance: Yoshiharu Tsukamoto

Tokyo in Practice: Atelier Bow-Wow

An Interview with Yoshiharu Tsukamoto

Tokyo in Practice: Ryue Nishizawa

An Interview with Ryue Nishizawa

Tokyo in Practice: Koh Kitayama

Conclusion: Koh Kitayama