Yoyogi National Gymnasium and Kenzo Tange
Yoyogi National Gymnasium and Kenzo Tange
Published: March 2021
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Author: Saikaku Toyokawa
Design: Yoshiaki Shioya

160pages, English
Description of contents
Yoyogi National Stadium , a World Heritage site hopeful. How did Kenzo Tange make this architectural marvel? How has the facility been used and managed? Five viewpoints indispensable for evaluating Yoyogi Stadium are examined in detail. A book that peers through the lens of a place called Yoyogi to examine Japan’s steps throughout the latter half of the 20th century.
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Saikaku Toyokawa
Architect and architectural historian. Born 1973 in Miyagi prefecture. Associate professor in the Department of Urban Environment Systems, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University. Doctor of engineering , registered first-class architect. Studied at the Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo University, and worked for Nihon Sekkei before assuming current post. Guest curator of the exhibition TANGE BY TANGE 1949–1959 (GALLERY・MA , 2015). Publications include Gunzō to shite no Tange Kenkyūshitsu (Ohmsha, 2012; AIJ Book Prize) .