安藤忠雄の建築 1
TADAO ANDO 1 Houses & Housing
Published: March 2007
Unit price: 5,170JPY (tax included)
Author: Tadao Ando

250×190mm(B5 modified), 400pages, Japanese/English
Description of contents
The houses made by Ando through his ceaseless exploration of the origin of architecture.
Book one of the series presents Ando's residential work, including the famous "Row House in Sumiyoshi" (1976), which represents the origin for the architect. Also included: "Koshino House"(1981), "Rokko Housing Ⅰ-Ⅲ" (1983-1999), "4x4 House"(2003), etc.
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Invisible House

House in Chicago

Penthouse in Manhattan

Crevice House in Manhattan

House in Malibu

Golden Gate Bridge House

Essay: ANDO by ANDO

Row House in Sumiyoshi

Tomishima House / Atelier in Oyodo

Atelier in Oyodo Ⅱ

Atelier in Oyodo Annex

Koshino House

Nakayama House

Kidosaki House

Lee House

Town House in Hirano

House in Shiga

4x4 House

Interview: The Open-Minded Tadao Ando

Rokko Housing

Essay: From "Power to Carve Out" to "Currents that Pass Through"

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