The Essence of Japanese Architecture Ⅰ
Published: September 2016
Unit price: 19,800JPY (tax included)
Author/Photography: Yutaka Saito

350×267mm(B4 modified), 400pages, Japanese/English
Description of contents
A condensed record spanning 22 years.
The origins of Japanese architecture. A collection of around 50 of the greatest examples of classical architecture from each era, from ancient times to the present day.
Presents new values and perspectives on Japanese architecture through a combination of valuable photographs, unique perspective, and highly specialized expertise.
Introduces 1,000 years of rich architectural culture to Japanese and overseas readers in an in-depth and accessible style.
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The Essence of Japanese Architecture: Spaces for the Divine: Essay by Yutaka Saito
Ise Jingu Shrine
Horyuji Temple Kondo, Five-story Pagoda, and Corridors
Shosoin Repository
Toshodaiji Temple Kondo
Shin Yakushiji Temple Hondo
Gangoji Temple Gokurakubo Zenshitsu Hall
Murouji Temple Five-story Pagoda, Kondo and Kanjodo Hall
Daigoji Temple Five-story Pagoda
Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Temple Okunoin (Nageiredo Hall)
Byodoin Temple Phoenix Hall
Hokaiji Temple Amida Hall
Ujigami Shrine
Itsukushia Shrine
Kasuga Taisha Auxiliary Wakamiya Shrine
Kosanji Temple Sekisui-in
Ishiyamadera Temple Tahoto
Kofukuji Temple Hokuendo, Tokondo, and Three-story Pagoda
Jodoji Temple Jododo Hall
Todaiji Temple Kondo
Todaiji Temple Nandaimon
Todaiji Temple Hokkedo Hall
Todaiji Temple Oyuya
Todaiji Temple Nigatsudo Hall

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