坂 茂の建築
Shigeru Ban: Material, Structure and Space
Published: April 2017
Unit price: 4,290JPY (tax included)
Author: Shigeru Ban

250×190mm(B5 modified), 400pages, Japanese/English
Description of contents
Traces of Ban's architecture systematized with five themes.
Shigeru Ban won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2014. The architect has earned plaudits for his wide-ranging activities, which among much else include the use of paper tubes as structural material, a wooden and large framing space, and providing humanitarian support in disaster-affected areas. More than 100 important works have been selected from his activities, reflecting a clear departure from other architects in the same generation. The works are divided into five different subjects and deciphered. This is the first selection of the works of Ban, who himself was also involved in structuring the selection.
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On Shigeru Ban by Riichi Miyake

Stage 1

Experiments Inspired by John Hejduk
Experiments Leading Toward Paper
Finding Architectural Form 1

Stage 2

Case Study House
Reinterpreting Mies
Paper Tube Structure
Finding Architectural Form 2

Stage 3

Furniture Houses
Shutter Houses
Houses with Framed Views
Courtyard Houses
Paper Tube Structure
Finding Architectural Form 3

Stage 4

Disaster Relief
Finding Architectural Form 4