About the Exhibition
TOTO GALLERY・MA is pleased to present "Erika Nakagawa: JOY in Architecture," a solo exhibition featuring architect Erika Nakagawa.
Erika Nakagawa, one of the most promising young architects today, has been actively expanding her architectural practice worldwide. Some of her representative works including Yokohama Apartments designed in collaboration with Osamu Nishida/On Design Partners and Momoyama House earned her a number of awards.

Nakagawa's architecture is rooted in her never-ending quest to explore new architectural expressions. She has been exploring various themes including "new ways of assembling," "discovering materials in reference to the law of details in the neighborhood" and "relationships between inside and outside," and creating lively architectural expressions that incorporate surrounding environments and people's lives.

In order to create a place in which architecture and the neighborhood complement and seamlessly connect with each other, Nakagawa conducts thorough research on the neighborhood at the beginning. She envisions actual architectural experiences based on her "physical understanding" of architecture through the process of looking into large detailed models in which one's lifestyle is expressed to verify, renew, and translate her ideas into actual architectural experiences.
Nakagawa's continuous explorations and discoveries gained through the process bring her joy and more creative energy.

The exhibition presents a series of models of Nakagawa's works from the early days to the present at various scales that have been used in her office's design activities. The joy she discovers in architecture are vibrantly expressed in these models. In addition, results of their research conducted in Chile focusing on furniture and fixtures to explore how people discover places to live outside are displayed along with related study models.
We cordially invite you to take a look at how Nakagawa boldly approaches this exhibition as if creating architecture itself.

image from the Exhibit
A Study of a Neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan
Momoyama House
©Koichi Torimura
Exhibition Information
Erika Nakagawa: JOY in Architecture
Thursday, January 21 - Sunday, March 21, 2021
*We will be changing our opening hours to 11:00 -17:00 while the state of emergency is in effect.
Mondays and public holidays (except March 20)
Free、advance reservation required*
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