Notice Regarding Visits (May 11/2022 update)
In light of the novel coronavirus outbreak, TOTO GALLERY·MA is implementing special measures to prevent crowding and close contact within the gallery in consideration of the health and wellbeing of visitors and employees. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Implementation of Reservation-Only Policy

As part of our measures to reduce the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus, we are requiring all visitors to make a reservation in advance of visiting the SUEP. Exhibition and Bookshop TOTO throughout the term of the exhibition (June 8 - September 11). *The implementation period and stipulations of this policy are subject to change depending on the circumstances going forward. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

TOTO GALLERY·MA’s Infection Control Measures

  1. provision of hand sanitizer
  2. implementation of body temperature checks for visitors and staff
  3. installation of partitions at reception to prevent droplet transmission
  4. face masks required to be worn by staff
  5. implementation of reservation-only policy to prevent overcrowding
  6. designation of a one-way circulation route within the exhibition spaces
  7. regular opening of doors and windows for added ventilation
  8. sterilization and cleaning of exhibition spaces and common areas

Requests for Visitors

  1. Please wear a face mask during your visit.
  2. We will be checking your body temperature using a non-contact thermometer upon your arrival. Visitors with a fever of 37.5°C or higher will not be permitted to enter. Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever or cold symptoms or if you are feeling unwell.
  3. Please thoroughly wash and sanitize your hands.
  4. Please keep at least 2 meters apart from other visitors when viewing the exhibits.
  5. Please reserve a date and time slot for your visit in advance to help prevent overcrowding. You must make a reservation from our website to enter TOTO GALLERY·MA and/or TOTO Bookshop. Reserve your visit by clicking/tapping the “Make a Reservation” button above.
  6. All visitors to TOTO GALLERY·MA and TOTO Bookshop must sign in at reception on the third floor upon arrival. Please take the elevator to reach reception.
  7. The circulation route through the exhibition is a one-way route. Please use the elevator on your way up and the stairs on your way down in accordance with the signs in the building. (Please ask a staff member if you would like to use the elevator to go down.)
  8. When riding the elevator, please limit passengers to four at a time, refrain from speaking, and avoid touching or leaning against the walls. Please also do not touch the exhibits.
  9. We recommend you to install a COVID-19 contact tracing app on your smartphone.
  10. Please limit the length of your visit to 1 hour.

May 11/2022