Past Exhibitions

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October 17―December 12, 2015
Exhibitor: Chatpong CHUENRUDEEMOL, LING Hao, Vo Trong NGHIA, Maki ONISHI + Yuki HYAKUDA, Yang ZHAOGuest Curator: Erwin VIRAY

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July 10―September 12, 2015
Exhibitor: Fieldoffice Architects

April 17―June 13, 2015
Exhibitor: Sou Fujimoto

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January 23―March 28, 2015
Director: Waro Kishi
Guest Curator: Saikaku Toyokawa

July 10―September 20, 2014
Exhibitor: TYIN tegnestue Architects

April 18―June 21, 2014
Exhibitor: Kumiko Inui + Tokyo University of the Arts Inui Lab

January 18―March 22, 2014
Exhibitor: Hiroshi Naito

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October 25―December 21, 2013
Organized under the direction of designer Kenya Hara, ARCHITECTURE FOR DOGS is a project that sincerely aims for the happiness of dogs and humans by exploring the new possibilities of an architecture perceived freshly at the scale of dogs.

July 19―September 28, 2013
Exhibitor: Christian Kerez
TOTO GALLERY·MA will be holding the first solo exhibition in Japan to feature the distinctive work of Swiss-based architect Christian Kerez.

April 17―June 22, 2013
Exhibitor: Yoshifumi Nakamura
Having developed an attraction to huts when he was a child, Nakamura has since continued to consider the hut to be the archetype of the house throughout his years of thinking earnestly about the nature of dwellings. This exhibition presents the idea of the hut as a medium for re-addressing the question, “What is a house?”

January 18―March 23, 2013
Exhibitors: Toyo Ito, Kumiko Inui, Akihisa Hirata, Sou Fujimoto, Naoya Hatakeyama
This homecoming exhibition presents a reformatted version of the Japan Pavilion exhibit with the addition of Hatakeyama’s photographs of the “Home-for-All” in Rikuzentakata taken since it was built.

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October 13―December 22, 2012
Exhibitor: Yasuhiro Yamashita
The first solo exhibition and comprehensive overview of architect Yasuhiro Yamashita’s 20-year career and constantly challenging work.

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July 12―September 22, 2012
Studio Mumbai, headed by Bijoy Jain, one of India’s foremost architects. In this exhibition, we introduce a group of works that have emerged from a workshop composed of a diverse range of artisans to bring the indigenous Indian landscape to life.

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April 17―June 23, 2012
The architect Jun Itami died suddenly in June 2011. In this exhibition, we look back at Itami’s extensive career, stretching from his debut work Mother’s House to a series of projects on the Korean island of Jeju. Join us as we trace these “vestigial impressions” (the architect maintained a great fondness for the hand-drawn) of Itami’s efforts to elevate architecture to the level of art.

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January 14―March 24, 2012
Exhibitor: Go Hasegawa
“Creating architecture is the act of studying reality and expanding its boundaries”. In this exhibition, we introduce the young, and currently one of the most acclaimed architects, Go Hasegawa, through all eleven of his completed works, beginning with House in Forest, and his most recent effort, Belfry in Ishinomaki.

November 2―December 24, 2011
Supervisers: Hiroshi Naito, Kenya Hara
Model Production Superviser: Osamu Tsukihashi
What happend on March 11, 2011? Getting an accurate account of the disaster and considering the process of restoration.

July 27―October 1, 2011
Exhibitor: Alejandro Aravena
Alejandro Aravena is a leading figure in Chilean contemporary architecture. To explain what is most notable about his work, we present an introduction to the architect’s unique philosophy and approach to design.

May 13―July 9, 2011
Exhibitor: Jun Igarashi
A sense of distance born out of an exploration of light and vision: Join us as we present a comprehensive introduction to the world of Jun Igarashi, an architect who has devoted his career to pursuing the ideal “state” of architecture.