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Exhibition Overview
TOTO GALLERY·MA will be holding an exhibition featuring the young architect unit TYIN tegnestue Architects (Andreas G. Gjertsen and Yashar Hanstad) based in Norway.
In 2007, the two architects had been working on a renovation project for the Rundhallen student house, which was a university-wide competition project that they had won as students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), when they began to question the common practice of spending lavish budgets to make architectural projects with a heavy interest on design. Searching for new possibilities for their future as architects, they set off on a journey to Thailand.
Through working on a project to build an orphanage in a conflict zone in Thailand, they developed a methodology for making architecture by working together with the local residents and using native materials and techniques. Holding to their belief that architecture is a resource that can improve the lives of a community, TYIN tegnestue has continued to conduct workshops at each of their project sites and has joined forces with local residents and university students and staff from NTNU to realize their work. By practicing a method of "thinking while building", through which they make adjustments to their ideas while taking in the thoughts and ideas of the local people, TYIN tegnestue has been able to realize buildings that are rooted in their location and are socially sustainable. Recognized for their work internationally, TYIN tegnestue was awarded the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture in 2012.
Currently, they are based in Trondheim, where they are teaching at their alma mater while engaging in a wide range of design projects for houses, landscapes, and interiors, and they are applying the approach that they had developed during their time in Asia to their various projects, workshops, and educational activities.
This exhibition aims to introduce the projects generated from their pragmatic style of making architecture through models, photographs, and movies, and it also places focus on what they call their "Human Toolkit", which describes the network of diverse people who have been involved on their projects and serves as an indispensable resource for establishing their architecture.

Images from the Exhibit
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Photographed Scenes
[1] TYIN tegnestue Architects at work on site
©Andreas Skeide
[2] Soe Ker Tie House(Noh Poe, Tak, Thailand)2009
©Pasi Aalto
[3] Soe Ker Tie House
TYIN tegnestue working with the local workers(Noh Poe, Tak, Thailand)2009
©Pasi Aalto
[4] Soe Ker Tie House
Children living in the Soe Ker Tie Houses(Noh Poe, Tak, Thailand)2009
©Pasi Aalto
[5] Safe Haven Bathhouse (exterior)(Ban Tha Song Yang, Tak, Thailand)2009
©Pasi Aalto
[6] Safe Haven Bathhouse
Tasanee, director of Safe Haven Orphanage, bathing Ruby (age 3)
(Ban Tha Song Yang, Tak, Thailand)2009
©Pasi Aalto
[7] Safe Haven Library
Orphanage library (front) and bathhouse (back)(Ban Tha Song Yang, Tak, Thailand)2009
 ©Pasi Aalto
[8] Safe Haven Library
Reading to orphans at the completed library(Ban Tha Song Yang, Tak, Thailand)2009
©Pasi Aalto
[9] Klong Toey Community Lantern
Children at play in their new playground in the slums(Klong Toey, Bangkok, Thailand)2011
©TYIN tegnestue Architects
[10] Cassia Coop Training Centre
The students and local residents who worked on the construction
(Sungai Penuh, Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia)
©Pasi Aalto
[11] Naust paa Aure
A refurbished boathouse(Aure, More og Romsdal, Norway)2011
 ©Pasi Aalto
[12] Lyset paa Lista
A lookout structure, built together with students, in the scenic Norwegian landscape
(Lista, Farsund, Norway)2013
©Pasi Aalto
Exhibition Information
Thursday, July 10 – Saturday, September 20, 2014
11:00 – 18:00
Closed on Sundays, Mondays, National Holidays & during Summer Break period (August 9 – 18)
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TOTO GALLERY·MA Planning and Management Committee
Special Advisor: Tadao Ando
Members: Waro Kishi, Hiroshi Naito, Kenya Hara, Erwin Viray
Supported by
Tokyo Society of Architects and Building Engineers
Tokyo Association of Architectural Firms
The Japan Institute of Architects Kanto-Koshinetsu Chapter
Kanto Chapter, Architectural Institute of Japan.
With Special Support from Royal Norwegian Embassy.
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