About the Exhibitor
Exhibition Concept by TYIN tegnestue Architects
Human - Architecture

We believe in the architecture of the many. The architect whom draws in solitude and parts ways with his designs before they reach the point of realization is as far from our philosophy as you can get. We want to follow our ideas and designs on their journey from loose theoretical concepts to real world physical structures.
It is along this journey that architecture is truly made, where it meets with and adapts to the demands and opportunities given by the physical reality of the world, when infant ideas mature as they are filtered through the minds of the people involved, and finally, as it makes the transition from design to structure through the labour of our hands. We realized the inherent duality of architecture, how the physical and social side of architecture form an inseparable whole. This is the single most important insight we have gained in our work as architects.
Our aim for this exhibition is to display the core of our work, its underlying philosophy and the open and fluid process we have come to depend on. Through full-scale models and prints, we display the physicality of our work, from the butterfly-houses of 2008 to our recent commercial ventures in Norway. Alongside models and prints, we introduce to you the family and friends of TYIN. All of which represent a personification of a professional category. Each and every one an invaluable instrument in our human toolkit.
This is our tribute to the colleagues, students, craftsmen and local communities essential in these projects. The future of architecture will escape the hand of the individual architect, maturing and coming to life through the hands, hearts and minds of all people involved.

TYIN tegnestue Architects
Left:Yashar Hanstad
Right:Andreas G. Gjertsen
TYIN tegnestue Architects
Established in 2008. Based in Trondheim, Norway. Managed by Andreas G. Gjertsen (born 1981 in Trondheim, Norway) and Yashar Hanstad (born 1982 in Teheran, Iran). Awarded Gold Prize of the 2012 Global Award for Sustainable Architecture and numerous other architectural prizes in Norway, Sweden, U.K., Italy, Thailand, etc. Has been conducting practice-based educational activities at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and holding lectures, exhibitions, and workshops throughout the world. Projects include Safe Haven Bathhouse and Library (2009, Thailand), Naust paa Aure (2010, Norway), Cassia Coop Training Centre (2011, Indonesia), etc.