Large Ceramics

TOTO's proprietary ceramic forming techniques enable the production of monolithic, hollow-structure ceramic components.
With their large size and high rigidity, TOTO's ceramic beams achieve reductions in overall equipment weight as well as enhanced equipment throughput performance.

  • Hollow Beam

    Hollow Beam

  • Flat Plate

    Flat Plate

Product Outer Size Characteristics
Flat Plate 1,700*750mm High specific rigidity, High accuracy
Hollow Beam 3,800mm in length High specific rigidity, High accuracy, Light weight

Ceramic beam's example

cross section example

cross section example

  • ■Material
  • Alumina 87%
    (TOTO's material : AC270)
  • ■Finish
     Fine grinding finish, Lapping finish also available


  • ■ Flat Panel Display(LCD、PDP、OEL) : Guide axis for super precision positioning stage and movable table
  • ■ Table for glass adsorption (chucks) for FPD substrate
  • ■ Precision inspection, evaluation device associated components