About Advanced Ceramics Division

TOTO-supporting a more pleasant and prosperous future
for society with advanced ceramics technology.

TOTO's Advanced Ceramics Division has provided industrial ceramics products for over thirty years, and we take great pride and joy in the work that we do while taking to heart our company mottoes-"Quality and Reliability." "Service and Trust" and "Cooperation and Prosperity."
We provide optimized solutions to meet each customer's individual needs as well as products that contribute to society at large, drawing upon the many advanced technologies(materials development, design, production technology, evaluation and analysis) that we have cultivated through years of proven experience in such cutting-edge fields as the semiconductor and optical communications industries.

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TOTO provides optimized solutions for the issues facing each of our customers.

  • ●Design Approach
  • Having gained a precise understanding of the issues facing our customers, we offer optimized solutions based on our many years of experience and know-how.
  • ●Materials Development
  • We offer advanced materials that anticipate market needs.
  • ●Production Technology
  • We employ optimal production processes to bring our proposed solutions to fruition.
  • ●Evaluation & Analysis
  • Once brought to fruition, the products of our proposed solutions are thoroughly tested and evaluated to ensure that they fulfill the performance requirements of our customers.

Advanced Ceramics Division Profile

Domestic Sales Office
TOTO Tokyo (Shiodome) Office
Overseas Sales Office
R&D and Production Bases
TOTO Fine Ceramics LTD. Head Office (Nakatsu Plant)
Research and Development Base
Chigasaki R&D Center
  • Tokyo Sales Office / Minato-ku, Tokyo

    Tokyo Sales Office / Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • USA Sales Office / Sanjose, CA

    USA Sales Office / Sanjose, CA

  • Nakatsu Plant / Nakatsu, Oita

    Nakatsu Plant / Nakatsu, Oita

  • Chigasaki R&D Center / Chigasaki, Kanagawa

    Chigasaki R&D Center / Chigasaki, Kanagawa