Electrostatic Chucks

TOTO's electrostatic chucks (ESCs) contribute to state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing processes by achieving superior durability and low backside particle contamination because of our proven design and analysis capabilities, high-precision fabrication techniques and an integrated management system that is consistent from raw materials to finished products.


Principles and Features of adsorption power

Principles of adsorption power


Strong adsorption power even when applying low voltage

Coulombic ESC

Coulombic ESC
・Adsorption power is not influenced by changes in process temperatures

Adsorption power of J-R and Coulombic ESC

Adsorption power of J-R and Coulombic ESC

Features of TOTO's ESC

Advantages of TOTO's ESC

TOTO's high plasma resistant Al2 O3 materials achieve high durability.
Low backside particle contamination
TOTO can suggest any kind of preferred materials.
・Proposals of design
Analysis capabilities (structural, thermal conductance, and thermal stress analysis)
・Mass-production manufacturing capability
TOTO can achieve turnkey ESC (ceramic, heater, cooling jacket).
TOTO can meet the requirement of 450 mm ESC.

TOTO's ESC can control wafer temperature according to customer's requirement thanks to TOTO's materials, designing and mass-production manufacturing capabilities.

Example of plasma irradiation examination

Example of plasma irradiation examination

TOTO's material (AP900R) has higher plasma resistance than typical high purity Al2O3(99.9% purity).