Exhibition Concept
"Archaeology of the Future"

We want to create architecture for the future that no one has ever seen, experienced, or even imagined yet. But it does not mean we want to make a novel and futuristic type of architecture. Rather, we want to take a broader view and make architecture originating in memories of a place.
We always start a project by looking back into the past as far as possible and digging into it to find memories that are embedded in the place like archaeologists. The process of searching and researching process allows deep thinking and gives us surprises and the joy of encountering things that have been forgotten, erased or vanished due to global modernization. Then the archaeology, the process of thinking from the past to the future, slowly becomes architecture.
All places have memories. Architecture inherits the memories and carries them into the future. The future will come. We want to build architecture that drives our time forward and creates memories in the future. We believe in the potential of architecture and continue to create architecture based on the concept of “Archaeology of the Future”.
Tsuyoshi Tane
Architect Profile
Tsuyoshi Tane
Tsuyoshi Tane is a Japanese architect based in Paris and Founder of Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects. He is currently overseeing many projects in Europe, Japan and other locations in the world. His works include Estonian National Museum (2006–2016), A House for Oiso (2014–15), LIGHT is TIME (2014) (with DGT.), Hirosaki Museum (2017–) among others. Tsuyoshi has received numerous awards including the French Ministry of Culture Architecture Prize (2007), French Architects Overseas Grand Prix (2016), and 67th Japanese Ministry New Face Award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts (2017). He has been teaching at Columbia University GSAPP since 2012.

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