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The Site of My Mind
By Hiroshi Naito

I have kept on running intently now for the past decade. My mind has only barely been able to keep up with the growing realm that my body occupies, and I have yet to sort its contents into order. It is in a state that can be described as one of chaos—very much like my workplace that is engulfed in mounds of books, countless bundles of documents waiting to be dealt with, and building plans indicating pending issues needing to be resolved.
This exhibition should expose visitors to the internal site of my mind: the base point for my thoughts that has always allowed me to return to architecture as a way of maintaining a grip on myself as an architect standing against a backdrop of a chaotic and ever-expanding realm.
I am just an ordinary man. Looking back on my past, it can certainly be said that I have been privileged to have been granted with many fortunate opportunities. Yet I have never been marked by any exceptional talent. I thus believe that the things that I can do can be done by anybody. If you find that something in this exhibition arouses your sympathy, I have faith that it is also within your own capacity to achieve.
Similarly to the site of my mind, the world today continues to remain in a state of much confusion. Perhaps we are at the beginning of a "never-ending story". It may be that we must endure this state that is devoid of clear-cut conclusions from here on forth. I also carry a thought, however, that through enduring, we may finally arrive at the moment when the culture of architecture in this nation will reach maturity. It may be possible that what is needed right now, and what we will eventually arrive at, is an appreciation for a sense of a "great ordinariness".
Hiroshi Naito
Hiroshi Naito

Born in 1950. Received a master's degree from the Graduate School of Waseda University in 1976. Worked at the office of architect Fernando Higueras (Madrid, Spain) and the office of architect Kiyonori Kikutake before establishing Naito Architect & Associates in 1981. Professor at The University of Tokyo Graduate School from 2001. Executive Vice President of The University of Tokyo until 2011. Emeritus Professor and Senior Advisor to the Office of the President of The University of Tokyo from 2011. Major architectural works include the Sea-Folk Museum (Mie, 1992), Chihiro Art Museum Azumino (Nagano, 1997), Makino Museum of Plants and People (Kochi, 1999), Fuji RINRI Seminar House (Shizuoka, 2001), Shimane Arts Center (Shimane, 2005), Hyugashi Station (Miyazaki, 2008), Kochi Station (Kochi, 2009), TORAYA Kyoto (Kyoto, 2009), and Asahikawa Station (Hokkaido, 2011). Recent writings include Naito Hiroshi to wakamono tachi: Jinsei wo meguru jyuhachi no taiwa [Hiroshi Naito with youths: Eighteen talks on life] (ed. The University of Tokyo Landscape and Civil Design Lab; Kajima Institute, 2011), Naito Hiroshi no atama to te [Hiroshi Naito’s perception and realization] (Shokokusha, 2012), Hiroshi Naito 1992-2004: From Protoform to Protoscape 1 (TOTO Publishing, 2013), Hiroshi Naito +Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Space Spirits (ADP, 2013), and Keitai dezain kougi [Lessons on designing form] (Ohkokusha, 2013), Hiroshi Naito 2005-2013: From Protoform to Protoscape 2 (TOTO Publishing, 2014).

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