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The Rule of the Game
By Christian Kerez

To define architecture by a clear set of rules serves to describe a building in a very abstract and general way. The rules used in my projects avoid buildings designed by purely aesthetical qualities like the shape of a volume or the size and proportion of an interior space. They define architecture in an abstract way beyond any question for personal taste. Rules define dogmas and principles in architecture. They help to find architectural meaning beyond any incidental building code or standard.

The conceptual models shown in the exhibition do not attempt to approach reality—they have their own reality, and they are concrete illustrations of something abstract. They help one to see the idea behind the projects. One could qualify models as conceptual layouts. In this sense, a model is an object that allows one to understand complex phenomena by simplifying them. Because of this, they are at the same time abstract and concrete, an idea and an object. They reproduce reality in an indirect manner. They offer the possibility to consider an idea in a different form: a concrete form.
Christian Kerez portrait©Karin Hofer/NZZ
©Karin Hofer/NZZ
Christian Kerez

Christian Kerez was born in 1962 in Maracaibo, Venezuela and educated at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. After extensive published work in the field of architectural photography, he opened his own architectural office in Zurich, Switzerland in 1993. Christian Kerez has been appointed as a visiting professor in design and architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich since 2001 and as Assistant professor since 2003. In 2009 he was elected as ordinary/full Professor for design and architecture. In 2012–13 he led the Kenzo Tange Chair at Harvard University, Cambridge. His built works include the apartment building on Forsterstrasse, the House with one Wall and the Schoolhouse Leutschenbach. Currently, he is working on a social housing project in São Paulo and an office highrise building in China.