Comparison with other methods

1.Comparison of Repeatability

Repeatability Comparison of a Cross Roller Bearing and an Air Slide

Two measurements demonstrate performance consistency of ball bearings and air bearings.

This is a comparison of TOTO's air slide and a cross roller bearing with more than 300 mm of travel length.
Compared to a roller bearing, an air slide is superior in terms of straightness, repeatability, and vibration.

2.Comparison of Friction Coefficient

Compared to other contact type bearings the friction coefficient of air slide is extremely small, making it ideal for constant speed and highly precise positioning.

Method Dynamic friction coefficient Remakers
Air bearing slide Less than 0.002 TOTO's Air slide
Roller bearing 0.005〜0.01 Cross roller guide
(roller daiameter 6Φ)oil
Slide bearing 0.07〜0.2 Cast iron-cast iron oil