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Exhibition Concept

It seems every good illustration is the image of a momentary conviction. Whatever the technique used -drawings, models, photographs- the effect on the surrounding area is civilising. To illustrate is to civilise, it is to construct the imaginary from a fully unattainable state. A good illustration is always the diffuse multiplication of the memory of an object.
The exhibition entitled Bestiary at the Toto Gallery MA is a collection of these moments of conviction present in my work. The name refers to medieval bestiaries, which were illustrated books, true compendiums of fantastic beasts drawn from popular imagination and thus impossible to simply “spot” in the real world.
Our Bestiary is a family of models built in wood by the architect Alejandro Lüer based on projects designed in my studio over the last 6 years.
Some of the ones shown here began life as illustrations of texts that I love. They were made as an exercise in interpretation, for no definite reason and without the intention that they should serve some purpose. Coincidence has led to some of them being built years later and some others are on their way to being built.
These models of interpretation, actual uncertain and formal tests, have been the starting point for new projects. Others have formed part of a final presentation shown to clients. The extremes of the process a project follows, the beginning and the end, are treated with the same precision and neatness in these wooden models, simply because we believe that each of them presents an exact conviction about an architecture project.
Smiljan Radić
Exhibitor Profile
Smiljan Radić
Born 1965 in Santiago, Chile. Graduated from the Catholic University of Chile in 1989 and studied at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia. Founded Smiljan Radic Arquitecto in 1995. Named the Best Chilean Architect Under 35 by the College of Architects of Chile in 2001. Elected as an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 2009.Received the Oris ACO Award for an outstanding architectural contribution in 2015. Works include the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2014 (London, England, 2014); House for the Poem of the Right Angle (Vilches, Chile, 2012); and the NAVE, Performing Arts Hall (Santiago, Chile, 2015). Exhibitions include the International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale (2010), TOTO GALLERY·MA 25th Anniversary Exhibition GLOBAL ENDS (2010), and the Wardrobe and the Mattress (collaboration with Marcella Correa) at the Ginza Maison Hermes (2013).