Jun Itami  Vestigial Impressions
2012 4.17-2012 6.23
Last Updated Feb, 2012
Jun Itami

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1937. Graduated from University of Musashi Institute of Technology, B.Arch in 1964. Established JUN ITAMI ARCHITECT A RESEARCH INSTITUTE in 1968. Established ITAMI JUN ARCHITECTS CO., LTD. in 2006. Installed Master Architect of Jeju Global Education City from 2009. Died in Tokyo in June 2011.

Major Awards: Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters from France in 2005, Kim Swoo Geun Culture Award, and Asian Award for Culture and Landscape of Settlements (International Designing Competition on Asian City Housing & Environment) in 2006, Korean Architecture Award in 2008, and Murano Togo Award in 2010.

Major Works: India Ink House (Tokyo, Japan,1975), Onyang Museum (Onyang, Korea, 1982), Church of Stone (Tomakomai, Japan, 1991), India Ink Hermitage (Tokyo, Japan, 1998), Guest House Podo Hotel (Jeju, Korea, 2001), Three Art Museums ”Wind,” “Stone,” “Water” (Jeju, Korea, 2006), Duson Museum (Jeju, Korea, 2007), Church of Sky (Jeju, Korea, 2009), Seoul Housing (Seoul, Korea, 2009) .

Publication: ITAMI JUN Architecture and Urbanism 1970-2011 (Creo, 2011)

Jun Itami
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