Go Hasegawa Sutdy in Real
2012 1.14-2012 3.24
Last Updated Dec, 2011
Go Hasegawa

Born in Saitama in 1977. Completed a course at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2002. Worked at Taira Nishizawa Architects from 2002 to 2004. Established Go Hasegawa & Associates in 2005. Has worked as a lecturer at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Science, and Hosei University since 2009.
Awards: Kajima Prize in the SD Review 2005, Grand Prix in the Tokyo Gas House Design Competition, and the Gold Prize in Residential Architecture, Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers in 2007, all for House in a Forest. Gold Prize in the 28th INAX Design Contest in 2007 and the 24th Shinkenchiku Prize in 2008, both for House in Sakuradai.

Go Hasegawa
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