Campo Baeza Architecture. The Creation Tree
2009 6.25-2009 8.29
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Campo Baeza Architecture. The Creation Tree

Born in Valladolid, Spain (1946), and moved to Cádiz, Soain (1950). Received his architectural degree (1971) and Ph.D. (1982) from ETSAM. Chairman and Professor of Design at ETSAM (1986). Has taught at ETHZ (1989-1990), University of Pennsylvania (1986, 1999), Dublin University (1992), EPFL (1997), Bauhaus in Weimar (2002) among other schools of architecture.

Major works include S. Fermú‹ Public School (1985), Drago Public School (1992), Center BIT (1998), and his well known houses Turégano, Garcú} Marcos, De Blas, and Gaspar.

The Caja Central Headquarters in Granada, which was completed in 2001 after 10 years of work, was praised by Kenneth Frampton as a "box of miracles" .All of Campo Baeza's works reflect his idea of achieving "more with less" ,and the spaces are full of poetic sentiment. Among other works, Campo Baeza also designed the residence of Tom Ford, a former Gucci designer, in Santa Fe in the United States.

A book of his collected writings The Built Idea is in it's the 2nd edition and some monographs have been published. Recently the Spanish pavilion for the Biennale Venice 2000 obtained the 1st prize. Exhibition in April 2003 at the IIT in Chicago. later it was shown in the Urban Center in New York . In 2004, a selective exhibition was shown in the Palladio´s Basilica in Vicenza ( Italy ). During 2005, this exhibition will be shown in Sta. Irene Basilica, coinciding with AIA in Istambul. His MA Memory of Andalucia Museum in Granada , just under construction, has been exhibited in MOMA NY in 2006.

In September 2006 will be inaugurated an Exhibition on his complet collection of drawings in the COAM Foundation in Madrid. And also in September the MoMA Exhibition will be open in Madrid in the Real Jardú‹ Botánico until January 2007.

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