2008 4.5-2008 5.31

World famous designer, Takashi Sugimoto will exhibit two fantastic tea ceremony rooms.
These are two tearooms.

One, built of scrap steel, was made for "So" (Principle), an exhibition organized in 1993 by Sabie, a society within the Urasenke Tradition of Tea.  It was transported to "The New Way of Tea" exhibition in New York in 2002, where tea ceremonies were held.  This was the second tearoom I have designed, but it continues to have special significance for me because it made me reconsider the concept of tea and is associated in my mind with memories of the late Masakazu Izumi and Ikko Tanaka.

The second is a tearoom I created for this occasion, using water.  It is an elaboration of an image taken from the graduation work of Mihoko Katsuki, a former university student of mine.  It is an expression of a desire to capture a moment in a rapidly changing landscape,  one characterized by elements such as clouds and wind, rain and snow, trees taking on color, changing sunlight, and passing time.  Just as someone writing a poem searches for just the right words,  I was obsessed here with the "words" that compose space.

Takashi Sugimoto

Our next exhibitor is Takashi Sugimoto, the managing director of SUPER POTATO which is one of the most incredible and powerful Japanese interior design associates for the interiors of restaurants, shops, and hotels…worldwide. Using materials, essentially bamboo, wood, stone, and steel (These are often recycled materials), he creates not only simple but energetic and timeless spaces. He has kept his style for more than 30 years, and it is still pioneering.

In this exhibition, he has creates two tea ceremony rooms. One is made from ‘steel’, and amazingly, the other is made from ‘water’! He will be showing his unique design methods through these traditional Japanese minimal spaces.

During the exhibition, we will hold tea ceremonies for the guests participate in. We will post dates on the web site. Please don’t miss it.
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Tokyo Society of Architects & Buildig Engineers
Tokyo Association of Architectural Firms
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Kanto-Koushin'etsu Chapter, the Japan Institute of Architects
Kanto Chapter, Architectural Institute of Japan
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The Urasenke Tradition of Tea


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