Ryoji Suzuki

Experience in Material No.35 Clairière, Creux,Vide

'92 Jul.1-Jul.31

This exhibition displays Suzuki's art,furniture, architectural models, photographs. and abstract paintings. The relationship between so many different works may seem elusive, but they are all in fact attempts to analyze Fra Angelico's religious painting, "Last Judgement". Suzuki has focused on a continuum of square openings at the center of this painting, working through this unusual genre to try and capture what he calls "something that is not yet, but is already beyond architecture", or "vacant ground, hollow, and void".
exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : Experience in Material No.34 Clairière, Creux,Vide
          Tokyo : Jul.3
          Sapporo : Jul.9

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