Ryoji Suzuki

Born in Tokyo in 1944. After graduation from Faculty of Architecture, Waseda University in 1968, worked at Takenaka Corporation (-1973). Returned to Yoshiro Ikehara Laboratory of Waseda University for master course (-1977). Established Ryoji Suzuki Architect and Partners in 1978. Teaching at Waseda University as a lecturer, publishing a series of realised works named Experience in Material (ex. No.20 Azabu Edge in 1987, No.33 Kohunji Temple in 1992). Known for a seriese expositions titled "Dis-locational Architecture" and furnitures. Writing of "A Consideration for dis-architecture" in 1988. Second prize at both competitions of 'La maison de la Culture du Japon a Paris' in 1991, and 'Yokohama International Port Terminal' in 1995.

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