Kiko Mozuna

Urban Memory

'88 Feb.8-Mar.12

A large shelter occupies the center of the exhibition, representing a sort of cosmic space, the interior of which symbolizes the dim space within the human womb. In the corner of the gallery's interior, an extremely large egg has been placed, a seed representing the origin of all things. This egg, the root of life and the source of creation, has been stamped by Mozuna's past memory or genes. The egg hatches, begins to take shape, and is transferred to the world of the drawings which enclose this cosmic space. It merges with the beautiful, vividly colored world of the mandala. The exhibition focuses on eight of Mozuna's uniquely conceived world.
exhibition scene exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : Urban Memory
          Tokyo : Fep.9
          Okinawa : Feb.16

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