Kim Swoo Geun

MOT, the World of Atchitect Kim Swoo Geun

'93 Jan.23-Feb.27

This exhibition features the sketchbook of Kim Swoo Geun, filled with copious drawings, suspended from between the two walls of the gallery, and hanging down from the ceiling as well. Wide open for all to see, this unbroken succession of sketches forms a whirlpool around the exhibition space. Left behind by Kim, a Korean master who studied architecture in Japan, the sketches serve to convey a living sense of his legacy. It is nearly impossible to grasp Kim's architecture without physically experiencing it. Upon getting close to his architecture, what appear superficially to be excesses soon vanish and give way to the space of nature itself. This exhibition, put together by those mourning his early death, testifies passionately to his exciting legacy.
exhibition scene exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Symposium : The World of Kim Swoo Geun
            Tokyo : Jan.23

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