Kim Swoo Geun

Kim Swoo Geun was born in Korea in 1931. He studied at Seoul University until 1951. Then he moved to Japan and graduated from Tokyo University of Art in 1958. In 1960 he completed postgraduate studies at Tokyo University and returned to Korea. He established the Kim Swoo Geun Architecrtural Institute in 1961. He also published the art magazine Space in 1966. He became the Council Member of UIA in 1975, as well as chairman of the Korean Institute of Architects in 1976. He founded the Space Group of Korea in 1977, He became an honorary member of AIA in 1982, and died in 1986.
National Award, the Republoc of Korea, 1970; Pan Pacific Award, AIA, 1971; BOKWAN Cultural Medal, R.O.K., 1976; Cavaliere of the Order of Merit, the Republic of Italy, 1979; KIA Prize, 1979; Bronze Tower Industrial Medal, R.O.K., 1984; Silver Tower Industrial Medal, R.O.K., 1986.

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