Kunihiko Hayakawa

Produntion and Expression of Urban Image

'86 Jul.7-Aug.6

This architect has focused himself on the "landscapes that architecture produces" within it's relationship to the city. This exhibition presents private and communal residential projects that have been based in this concept. For Hayakawa, the various elements which make up the landscape of the city all possess equal value, individual structures included. Through a combination of plan wood models and skillful drawings, the exhibition delivers a striking look at six of Hayakawa's works, ranging from his "Atrium"(1985), for which he was awarded the JIA's Best Young Architect of the Year Prize(1985), and residences like "House at a Crossroad in Seijo"(1983), up through his current work.
exhibition scene exhibition scene
Photo by Kiichi Suzuki
Lecture : Produntion and Expression of Urban Image
          Tokyo : Jul.8
          Sapporo : Jul.10

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