Santiago Calatrava

The Dynamics of Equilibrium

'94 Sep.10-Oct.22

Sixteen individual objects stand in the newly expanded, two-floor exhibition space. One look confirms they are not architectural models, but rather fully independent sculptures. A highly polished steel sheet, slightly bent, is balanced precariously on the tips of two stone supports on either side. On one side, a fine steel pillar, looking like a knitting needle, rests upon one side of a stone cube. It is a graceful scene, a kind of lyrical circus performed by a troupe of objects. This exhibition balance imbues the exhibit with a sense of instability that like the architecture of Santiago Calatrava is filled with dynamism.
exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : The Dynamics of Equilibrium
          Tokyo : Sep.10
          Kita-kyushu : Sep.13

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