Atelier Zo

23 Years in Search for the Philosopher's Stone

'93 Oct.21-Dec.11

Stepping into this exhibition, one is struck by the sensation of having suddenly walked onto some back street abandoned lot. Earth, fallen leaves and bamboo foliage are strewn about, and in the corner, some bales of hay and roof tiles lie stacked in a heap. Instead of a path, wooden beams have been laid across on the floor. Meanwhile clusters of thick bamboo convert the whole space into a maze. Also present are a paper lantern, shoji, a ceramoc stool, awooden chair, apotted house plant and grass, and vinyl sheet roof. The walls indoors and outdoors are plantered with colord plans and large models, like a construction site. Construction plans, photo albums, and magazines are lying about. This image of the world presented here draws somewhat on Atelier Zo's projects on Taiwan such as the "Tung Shan River Waterfront Project"(1993) and "the I-Lan Country Hall Plan".
exhibition scene exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : 23 Years in Serch for the Philosopher's Stone
          Tokyo : Oct.21
          Sapporo : Nov.2

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