Tadao Ando

Architectural Horizons

'89 Jun.15-Jul.20

This exhibition focuses on Ando's two works, "Church on the Water"(1988) and "Church of Light"(1989). Painted in white, the exhibition space has been designed to reproduce the original work's atmosphere of refinement. The outdoor garden has been filled with water and a similarly exciting effect has been recreated on the interior as well. The glass surface separation the interior and exterior spaces is framed in the shape of a cross, through whose slits a striking effect is created by the sometimes visible, sometimes disappearing surface of the water. This introduction of air, water and light creates a heightened sense of space.
exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : Architectural Horizons
          Tokyo : Jun.16
          Sapporo : Jun.19

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