Tadao Ando

1941 Born in Osaka, Japan
1962-69 self-educated in architecture
     Travels in U.S.A., Europe and Africa
1979 Annual  Prize. Architectural Institude of Japan
1983 Japanese Cultural Design Prize
1985 Alvar Aalto Medal, The Finnish Association of Architects
1986 Annual Award (to encourage new talent in fine arts),
      Japanese Ministry of Education
1987 The Mainichi Art Prize
1987 Yale University, Visiting Professor
1988 Ishoya Yoshida Award
1988 Columbia University, Visiting Professor
1989 Gold Medal of Architecture, Franch Academy of Architecture
1990 Art Prize, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
1990 Harvard University, Visiting Professor
1991 Honorary Fellow, The American Institute of Architects
     Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize,
      American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters
1992 Carlsberg Architectural Prize, Denmark
1993 The award of prizes of Japan Art Academy
     Honorary Fellow, The Royal Institute of British Architects
1994 The Japan Art Grand Prix
1995 The Asahi Prize
     The Pritzker Architecture Prize
     The 7th International Design Award

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