Essentially, HYDROTECT is an environmental cleaning technology utilizing photocatalysts that harness the power of light and water to purify air and clean surface - automatically.


HYDROTECT is an environment purification technology and its technology brand, which cleanses the planet as well as our living environment by a photocatalytic reaction by harnessing the power of light and water. A building or building materials coated with a layer of HYDROTECT on its surfaces has effects that are beneficial for our lives and the global environment, such as air purification effect and self-cleaning effect.

The photocatalytic properties of HYDROTECT

HYDROTECT produces a number of environmentally-beneficial effects, including air purfication and self-cleaning, through a process similar to photosynthesis in plants. When exposeed to sunlight, HYDROTECT's photocatalytic layer(titanium dioxide)breaks down organic material so that it is easily washed away with rain or water.