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    Virtual Museum TOTO Ltd. was founded in 1917.
    For 100 years since then, TOTO has taken part in Japan’s modernization by achieving ideals of its founder to bring a healthy, cultural lifestyle to the Japanese people.
    To continue to develop in step with society, TOTO believes it is important to retain these founding principles and correctly interpret company history, both of which are critical to pass our corporate values to future generations. This museum was built with this goal in mind.
    Together with culture and history of plumbing equipment, we hope the museum provides visitors an opportunity to learn about the philosophy behind TOTO Manufacturing and how products have developed.

    Shooting date : August 23, 2021

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exhibition room

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Learn about the roots and history of the founding of TOTO.
TOTO products which are certified as Japanese heritage and tableware that has supported TOTO’s business for a half century are on display as well as the entire process from product development to production and packaging.

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This room exhibits myriad items from plumbing equipment culture and history that TOTO has created,
illustrating the ideals and achievements of the forerunners.
The exhibits show how products have developed over the years as well as representative products
that changed history such as faucets, fittings and WASHLET(*) and valuable products that were installed in famouns locations.
*”WASHLET” is a registered trademark of TOTO.

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Products sold in the Americas, China, Asia and Oceania, Europe and other regions are exhibited by geographical area.
Introducing the vision of aiming to "become a TOTO of the country"
through business development rooted in each region.

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