TOTO Ltd. was founded in 1917.
For 100 years since then, TOTO has taken part in Japan’s modernization by achieving ideals of its founder to bring a healthy, cultural lifestyle to the Japanese people.
To continue to develop in step with society, TOTO believes it is important to retain these founding principles and correctly interpret company history, both of which are critical to pass our corporate values to future generations. This museum was built with this goal in mind.
Together with culture and history of plumbing equipment, we hope the museum provides visitors an opportunity to learn about the philosophy behind TOTO Manufacturing and how products have developed.

Museum Building

TOTO Museum puts the TOTO philosophy into practice to create a sustainable society through environmentally conscious manufacturing.
Because TOTO’s products are used every day, their use leads to consideration for the environment.
The fact that TOTO supplies environmentally-friendly products to people around the world is sure to change the future.
With this idea in mind, we are heading toward the future with the role of plumbing equipment in mind.

TOTO Global Environmental Vision Logo

Green Building

TOTO Museum building has 100 environment-friendly measures that address environmental issues in seven areas: Water Saving, Heat Control, Energy Saving, Recycling, Ecology, Maintenance, and Air Control. Key examples of each are illustrated below.

Water Saving

Water Saving

Plumbing equipment such as toilets and faucets featuring TOTO's water-saving technology

Heat Control

Heat Control

Solar chimneys, high insulation architecture and high insulation glass

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Solar power generation, use of naturally occurring light and LED lighting



Pavement using sanitary ware scrap produced in the TOTO product manufacturing process



Rooftop greening, use of locally produced lumber, and tree planting plans that consider the ecosystem



Use of Hydrotect, a coating that employs the sun and water to remove dirt and clean the air

Air Control

Air Control

Natural ventilation, floor air conditioning and night purge

Exhibition Guide

Museum 2nd Floor

Museum Floor

A Exhibition Room 1

Learn about the roots and history of the founding of TOTO. TOTO products which are certified as Japanese heritage and tableware that has supported TOTO’s business for a half century are on display as well as the entire process from product development to production and packaging.

B Library

Browse materials on TOTO’s history and toilets as well as public health.

C Special Exhibition Room

Enjoy special exhibits throughout the year.

D Exhibition Room 2

This room exhibits myriad items from plumbing equipment culture and history that TOTO has created, illustrating the ideals and achievements of the forerunners. The exhibits show how products have developed over the years as well as representative products that changed history such as faucets, fittings and WASHLET(*) and valuable products that were installed in famouns locations.
*”WASHLET” is a registered trademark of TOTO.

E Exhibition Room 3

Products sold in the Americas, China, Asia and Oceania, Europe and other regions are exhibited by geographical area.

F Museum Shop

The shop features a wide selection of TOTO Museum original goods and products produced in collaboration with local businesses and other unique items.


Access Information

Access Map

2-1-1 Nakashima, Kokurakita, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka 802-8601 JAPAN Direction in Google Map

Via Nishitetsu Bus from JR Kokura Station:

At JR Kokura Station Bus Center (at Kokurajyo Exit), take the No. 21, 22 or 43 bus from Platform No. 1, or take the No. 25 bus from Platform No. 2; get off after approximately 15 minutes at the Kifunemachi Bus Stop
Reference link:Nishitetsu Comprehensive Timetable/Fare Guide (BusNavi)

Via taxi from JR Kokura Station:

Approx. 10 minutes from the taxi waiting area at Kokurajyo Exit at JR Kokura Station

Via Kitakyushu Monorail

Get off at Kawaraguchi Mihagino Station, and exit from South Exit, walk approx. 10 minutes on Route 3 towards Itozu
Reference link:Kitakyushu Monorail

Via car

From Itozu, take Route 3 and the museum is on the left *Free parking available

Opening Hours and Admission Fees

Opening Hours:10:00 - 17:00 (entry until 16:30)
Closed:Mondays/summer holidays/year-end and New Year holidays
Admission fee:Free
*Reservations are required for groups (of 20 or more or in chartered buses).
*Please be aware that our opening hours and the days that we are closed may change due to certain circumstances.


Free Lockers
Two locker areas are available on the 2nd floor.
Please consult with the 2nd floor reception desk if your belongings do not fit into one of our small lockers, large lockers, or clothing lockers.

Nursing Room
Located in the back of the 1st floor on the right side.

Accessible Toilets
Located in front of the 1st floor women’s toilets and next to the 2nd floor women’s toilets.

We have three wheelchairs and two strollers available to lend to visitors.
*We do not accept reservations for these items.
These items cannot be used if they are already being used by other visitors. If this is a concern, we recommend preparing these items yourself before visiting the museum.

You can connect to free Wi-Fi inside the museum. You may also use the free Wi-Fi when utilizing our exhibition information service. If you have any questions, please consult with the reception desk on the 2nd floor.

Museum Shop
Located next to the 2nd floor reception desk.
We also accept credit cards. *We are not equipped to handle digital money.
The shop carries TOTO museum original products, limited-time chocolates and other unique items.

Free Exhibition Information Service
Free audio guide pens and QR translators are available.

Points to Note When Visiting the Museum

▪Please refrain from taking videos inside the museum.
▪Please do not touch the exhibits in the museum.
▪Persons under the influence of alcohol will not be admitted under any circumstances.
▪Please refrain from eating or drinking inside the museum. Drinks are only allowed in our rest space.
▪Please refrain from actions that will disturb other visitors, such as lying down, speaking loudly, and running in the museum.
▪Additionally, please follow the instructions of museum staff.
▪Accompaniment by guide dogs is allowed.
▪If entering the museum with a pet, please make sure to place your pet into a pet carrier before entering the museum.
▪In view of preventing hazards, we ask that you refrain from using electric mobility scooters inside the TOTO Museum. (Electric wheelchairs can be used inside the museum.)Wheelchairs are available to loan to our visitors. Please consult with the reception desk on the 1st floor when you would like to use a wheelchair.