2011 November
Japan  November.24,2011
TOTO TALK corporate communication series features new HYDROTECT commercial.

A new TV commercial advertising HYDROTECT technology has started to air in Japan. The commercial is the fourth installment in the TOTO TALK corporate communication series (second phase, fifth installment overall), the aim of which is to get as many people as possible better acquainted with TOTO's activities and philosophy as a company.

  In its own comical manner, the commercial outlines the self-cleaning capabilities of HYDROTECT thanks to its hydrophilic properties.

GE Plaza (British Columbia, Canada) 2009

Hilton Hotel Helsinki-Vantaa Airport(Helsinki, Finland)2007

Eu  November.15,2011
New example projects using Pilkington ActivTM glass
13 new projects have been added to the list of Hydrotect projects in the form of Pilkington ActivTM, the range of photocatalytic glass developed by Hydrotect Partner Pilkington. The Pilkington ActivTM brand features a photocatalytic coating on the surface of the glass to break down dirt (organic matter) using ultraviolet rays from the sun, and hydrophilic surfaces so that dirt just washes away with water.
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