Our vision
Our vision
TOTO株式会社 環境建材事業部長 TOTOマテリア株式会社 代表取締役社長 迫 和夫
Kazuo Sako, Corporate Officer
Division Director Green Building Materials Division TOTO LTD.

By working around the world to form partnerships and build and promote the product, we will establish HYDROTECT as a trustworthy mark of environmental technology across all industries.
At present, with the participation of partner corporations mainly in Japan, Europe and the United States, a broad array of building materials have been developed including tiles, glass, metal panels, tents, films, and paints.
Through these partnerships we aim to promote interior and exterior all-HYDROTECT construction across the world, and build a sustainable society that is comfortable to live in as well as gentle on the environment through HYDROTECT's revolutionary effects, which include self-cleaning, air purification, and the creation of a pleasant indoor environment.
Feedback from our Partners
Alcoa Architectural Products 社長 Craig Belnap 氏
Craig Belnap, President
Alcoa Architectural Products

"Green Building" is more than just a passing trend. It represents a fundamental change of thinking within the construction industry. Combining HYDROTECT with our own innovative coating technology has enabled us to add self-cleaning and air purification capabilities to our products.
We are delighted to have entered into partnership with HYDROTECT because it gives us the opportunity to make a real impact on architects and building owners.
If you are interested in joining the "HYDROTECT Partners",
please contact TOTO for details.
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