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Tile Council of North America Lab Announces Results of Anti-microbial tests of HYDROTECT Tiles




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Data and information herein is based on 3rd party testing per ISO, ASTM, or UNI standards.  The EPA has not yet reviewed any public health claims for Hydrotect. Hydrotect products are not designed to protect users from disease causing bacteria or microorganisms infections to humans or to replace good cleaning/maintenance practices.
Antibacterial mechanism
HYDROTECT exerts various effects, including anti-dirt and anti-odor effects, by decomposing and reducing bacteria. It reduces the production of dirt and odors and facilitates the cleaning of interior spaces that need to be kept hygienically clean, such as toilets, kitchens and bathrooms.
Antibacterial mechanism
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Antibacterial effect
(In the case of TOTO HYDROTECT Tile for interior use)
When exposed to the light, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus are reduced by 99% or more after 4 hours*¹, and in locations where there is minimal light, they are reduced by 99% or more after 24 hours*².
Antibacterial effect
*1: The figure is obtained by reducing the remaining coliform numbers after 4 hours and 24 hours by 99% (1/100) or less when using non-processed tile.
*2: Evaluated near a window during daytime (Ultraviolet Intensity: 0.25mW/cm2) pursuant to JIS R 1702.
*3: Evaluated pursuant to JIS Z 2801.
*4: Coliform numbers after 24 hours in a poorly-lit location
*5: When the remaining coliform numbers are less than 10, they are indicated as 10 in accordance with the JIS Standard.
* The above results were produced by our tests, and the effects may vary depending on the conditions.
JIS R1702 corresponds to ISO27447, and JIS Z2801 corresponds to ISO22196.

*Effects vary by product.
This page refers to basic information of HYDROTECT mechanism and performance. Performance data on this page are valid only for paint and ceramic tile products manufactured by TOTO LTD.Thus, such data are for reference only and are subject to change upon the substrate and its coating process and structure.
Notice to Persons in the United States of America: Hydrotect is not registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act and is not lawfully sold, distributed, or used for any antibacterial or other pesticidal purpose in the United States of America.
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