2011 March

Japan  March 8-11,2011
HYDROTCET Partners Japan deliver a presentation at the Architecture Building Exhibition 2011, a general building material exhibition held in Tokyo, Japan.
The Architecture Building Exhibition is one of the most widely known general architecture exhibitions in Japan, and this year welcomed 117,000 visitors over its four days.
HYDROTECT is applied to a broad range of building materials, including painting, tiles, glasses, tents, stone materials, aluminum panels, and films. Our booth, in conjunction with the partners associated with HYDROTECT Partner, exhibited a variety of building materials adopting photocatalysts and conducted demonstrations. We succeeded in arousing significant interest in this technology, which is capable of preserving the environmental, as we received a number of visitors from architectural circles and conducted interviews from TV and several newspapers.
[Joint exhibiting companies: 11 companies]
Icot Ryowa Co., Ltd., UBE-NITTO KASEI CO., LTD., KIMOTO CO., LTD.,
NITTAI-KOGYO.CO.,LTD., Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.,
[Photocatalysts demonstration booth]
A demonstration of NOx removal and a demonstration of self-cleaning are on the left and right of the microphone stand, respectively. You can see with your own eyes the air being purified and stains being removed.

[Introducing HYDROTCET]
・Screening the HYDROTCET technology movies
・The venue uses HYDROTCET tiles manufactured by our partner, Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG, in Germany
・Introducing "HYDROTECT Partners Europe" activities
EU  March 15-19,2011
HYDROTCET made a presentation at TOTO booth at the ISH (International Sanitary and Heating) Expo, one of the world's largest international sanitary ware, kitchen and air-conditioning expos, held in Frankfurt, Germany.
The ISH Expo is one of the world's largest expos, attracting more than 200,000 visitors in the previous year and accommodating 2,000 or more corporate exhibitors, including world-leading manufacturers.
Under the message, "CLEAN & GREEN," TOTO presented its products for kitchens and bathrooms where water is used, focusing on products with eco-friendly technologies and also introducing HYDROTCET, which has been developed globally, to establish the image of a luxury brand with high technology and quality. HYDROTCET products help to protect the environment by building partnerships that can be used across the globe.
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