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Customer's voice "TOYOTA ECO-FACTORY"
The photocatalytic coating that matches green land.
The environmental technology shapes the TOYOTA ECO-FACTORY,
which brought the creation of a sustainable environment to fruition.
Tsutsumi Plant, Toyota Motor Corporation [Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture]
Toyota has been working on establishing a sustainable plant that harmonizes well with nature. Tsutsumi Plant, which is a model plant produces "PRIUS", is actively promoting projects such as planting trees on its premises, installing solar power generation panels and reducing the amount of energy used in its production processes. Coating the plant walls with HYDROTECT Coat ECO-EX, the photocatalytic coating, is one of its efforts.
ECO-EX can equip the building itself with air-purification capabilities and make it effective at reducing the heat island effect. The air-purification effect achieved by the use of ECO-EX in this plant is equivalent to the air purification effect of an area of green land that is about 145,000 m² and removes the same amount of NOx as that discharged by approximately 1,755 new domestic passenger cars.
This page refers to basic information of HYDROTECT mechanism and performance. Performance data on this page are valid only for paint and ceramic tile products manufactured by TOTO LTD.Thus, such data are for reference only and are subject to change upon the substrate and its coating process and structure.
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