Licence flow
Those who are considering commercialization by developing and manufacturing products (mainly manufacturers)
TOTO will continue contributing to environmental purification along with our partners and customers,utilizing the photocatalytic technologies and experience accumulated to date, to disseminate HYDROTECT
Regarding the license agreement
130 patents regarding photocatalyst technology that are owned by TOTO will be granted after a license agreement is reached with your company. TOTO will charge your company based on sales numbers or the value of sales of the product. TOTO Frontier Research, a subsidiary company of TOTO, handles all business related to the agreement.
Flow of licensing
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Fields of the target products.
Photocatalyst technology is utilized and put to practical use in all kinds of industrial products.
Fields of the target products.
* When products in these fields are developed, manufactured, and put on the market, you may be required to hold a licensing agreement.
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