Our Founders’ Wisdom The wisdom of TOTO’s founders has guided us from the beginning and will forever serve to inspire our innovation and challenging spirit.
First TOTO President Kazuchika Okura

When Kazuchika Okura joined the Morimura Gumi, he discovered the amazing properties of ceramic ware in their key products. As a result, Kazuchika founded TOTO and NGK Insulators after being appointed the first President of Nippon Toki (current Noritake Co., Ltd.), which he founded together with his father, Magobe. Kazuchika built the kingdom of ceramics today by driving the founding of the specialty Japanese ceramics businesses.

Provision of high-quality products and customer satisfaction are important

Your goal should be to provide good products and satisfy the customer. Accomplish that, and profit and compensation will follow.
Many in this world chase after the shadow of profit, but to the end never capture the real thing.

I fear a time when we have nothing to reach beyond

My greatest fear is a time when we lead without reason and have nothing to strive beyond. We would be unaware of the ease in which our spirit would waver as a big fish in a small pond of the ceramics industry, particularly in a region of Nagoya, due to only seeing small- and medium-sized industry in the Seto and Mino region. These same operators would innovate beyond us as they strive forward in full force with us as their target. If we neglect our businesses even for a moment, we will fall into the trap of our own pride. We should be afraid. We would lose our foothold in our neglect and fall behind others in the industry.

  • Words Laying Our Foundation
    Kazuchika Okura drafted the words laying our foundation during the construction of the Kokura Plant in 1917. Kazuchika Okura shared his uncommon determination in the beginning by saying, "I hope this plant will produce products superior to that of Europe and reach out to the world."
  • Letter to Our Second President
    Kazuchika Okura's words which described a businesses objective to satisfy customers with profit in the backdrop has been pass down to each generation of management without fail.
  • Letter from Germany
    This valuable letter speaks of Kazuchika's surprise at the high thermal efficiency and shorter firing times he saw when observing tunnel kilns in Germany.
  • First Dressler tunnel kiln constructed
    The yearlong construction of the Dressler tunnel kiln, which Kazuchika himself paid to have brought from Britain, began in January 1919. This picture celebrates completion in January 1920.