Established ceramic sanitary ware laboratory and began manufacturing sanitary ware 1912
1914 Successfully developed Japan's first seated flush toilet
1917 Established Toyo Toki Company, Limited (current TOTO LTD.) in Kokura, Kitakyusyu
1921 Established Hasegawa Ceramics (current TOTO MATERIA LTD.)
1922 Start of operation at Mikawashima water treatment facility
1923 Great Kanto Earthquake
1936 Completion of the Imperial Diet Building (National Diet Building)
1937 Completion of Chigasaki Plant
1946 Faucet production begins
1951 Signing of San Francisco Peace Treaty
1955 Establishment of the Japan Housing Corporation
1957 Established Fujii Ceramics Ltd. (current TOTO SANITECHNO LTD.)
1958 Launched TOTOLITE Bath FRP bathtubs. Completion of Tokyo Tower
1962  Launched Thermos-stat mixer faucet
1962 Formulated Company Mottos Completion of Shiga Plant
1963 Developed Japan’s first prefabricated bathroom module (based on JIS provisions) Installed modules at the Hotel New Otani
1964 Tokyo Olympics held
1967 Completion of 2nd Kokura Plant. Announcement and enactment of the Basic Law for Environmental Pollution Control
1968 Launched bathroom vanity units. Launched combination single lever mixing faucet
1968 Completion of Nakatsu Plant (current Headquarters and Nakatsu Plant of TOTO SANITECHNO LTD.)
1969 Changed trademark from Toyotoki to TOTO
1970 Changed corporate name from Toyo Toki
Company, Limited to TOTO KIKI LTD. (current TOTO LTD.) Japan World Exposition
1971 Launched Enamel bathtub nationwide
1971 Launched Enamel bathtub nationwide
Completion of Oita Plant (current TOTO AQUATECHNO LTD.) Began operation of Yukuhashi Plant Opened TOTO Ginza Pavilion (closed in 1999)
1973 Established Yukuhashi TOTO Kiko Ltd. (current TOTO PLATECHNO LTD.) Established Kanda TOTO Kako Ltd.and Kanda TOTO Kiko Ltd. (current TOTO PLATECHNO LTD.)
1975 Launched US System water-saving urinal system
1976 Launched CS series water-saving noise-reducing toilet
1977 Launched KB series bathroom unit for single-family homes
1977 Established P.T. SURYA TOTO INDONESIA, a joint venture company in Indonesia
1978 Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed Between Japan and the People's Republic of China
1980 Launched WASHLET TM (toilet seats with a warm-water washing feature)
1980 Established TOTO Service Ltd. (current TOTO MAINTENANCE LTD.)
1981 Launched Delux series modular kitchen design. Started mass production of ceramic valves for new domain of faucets
1981 Established Buzen TOTO Co., Ltd. (current TOTO PLATECHNO LTD.)
1984 Launched automatic faucet
1984 Established TOTO INHWA LIMITED (current TOTO (H.K.) LTD.) in Hong Kong under British rule.
1985 Launched Shampoo Dresser (bathroom vanity suited for washing hair)
1985 Established TOTO Engineering LTD. (current TOTO AQUAENG LTD.) Opened GALLARY-MA
1986 Joined a joint venture of Siam Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. in Thailand. Enactment of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law
1987 Established THE SIAM SANITARY FITTINGS CO., LTD. in Thailand Established TAIWAN TOTO CO., LTD. in Taiwan Established Chiba TOTO Ltd. (current TOTO Bath Create LTD.)
1988 Started mass production of electrostatic chucks for semiconductor manufacturing euqipment. Launched Otohime sound emulator for toilets. Launched 6L toilet in the United States
1989 Launched Aqua Auto automatic faucets
1989 Established TOTO High Living LTD. Awarded the Total Quality Control (TQC) Deming Prize Founded TOTO Publishing Established TOTO Kiki U.S.A., Inc. (current TOTO U.S.A. INC.) in the United States. Opened TOTO Super Space as flagship showroom  (current TOTO Tokyo Center Showroom)
1990 Completion of Buzen TOTO Ltd. (current TOTO PLATECHNO LTD.) and Katsuura Plant
1991 Constructed Shiga Plant No.2 Established production site, TOTO Industries (Atlanta), Inc., in the United States
1992 Completion of TOTO High Living LTD. building Completion of Nakatsu Plant No.2 (current Nakatsu Plant of TOTO Fine Ceramics Ltd.)
1993 Launched NEOREST EX integrated toilet
1993 Established SUNAQUA TOTO LTD. to provide a comfortable work environment for people with disabilities Remodeling Declaration
1994 Launched Alkali 7 alkali ion water generator
1994 Established BEIJING TOTO CO., LTD., a joint venture company, in China Established NANJING TOTO CO., LTD. Established TOTO KIKI (DALIAN) LTD. (current TOTO DALIAN CO., LTD.) Established TOTO Optronics Co., Ltd. (current TOTO Fine Ceramics LTD.) Launched TOTO Remodel Club
1995 Launched Laundry Dresser bathroom vanity
1995 Established TOTO (BEIJING) CO., LTD, a joint venture company, in China Established TOTO KIKI (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. in Malaysia (current TOTO MALAYSIA SDN. BHD) Established TOTO KIKI (CHINA) CO., LTD. (current TOTO (CHINA) CO., LTD) Great Hanshin Earthquake
1996 Established TOTO U.S.A., INC. (current TOTO AMERICAS HOLDINGS, INC.) in the United States Opened TOTO Technical Center
1997 Established TOTO KIKI (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. (current TOTO (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD.) in China Announced CS Declaration
1998 Launched Hydrotect tiles Launched US integrated toilet Diatect
1998 Completion of Akaho Plant of Chiba TOTO Ltd. (current TOTO Bath Create LTD.)
1999 Developed CEFIONTECT technology which prevent dirt and easy to clean Launched WASHLET TM apricot Series with built-in Wonder-Wave Cleansing.
2000 Established Japan Hydrotect Coatings CO., LTD., a joint venture company (current TOTO OKITSUMO Coatings LTD.)
2001 Launched Furopia KV series system bathroom with quick-drying KARARI floor for single-family homes. Launched Aqua Auto Eco automatic faucet with power generation function
2001 Established TOTO KIKI KOREA LTD. (current TOTO KOREA LTD.) Established Pan Washlet Co., Ltd. (current TOTO WASHLET TECHNO LTD.) Established TOTO EAST CHINA CO., LTD. in Shanghai, China. Installment of the Ministry of the Environment (reorganization of the Environmental Agency) September 11 Attacks
2002 Launched HYDROTECT coating Launched NEOREST EX Series with built-in TORNADO FLUSH technology that firmly clean off dirt
2002 Entered into operational agreement between TOTO, DAIKIN, and YKK AP Established TOTO VIETNAM.CO., LTD. in Vietnam Established Universal Design Research Center (Kokura)
2003 Launched System J Crystal Series bathroom vanity unit
2003 New Remodeling Declaration
2004 Launched modular kitchen SUPER Legacess Crystal  Series Launched system bathroom Furopia insulated thermal pot MAHOBIN bathtub series for single-family homes
2004 Established TOTO (GUANGZHOU) CO., LTD. CSR Declaration Established VORETO (XIAMEN) PLUMBING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in China
2005 Established the TOTO Water Environment Fund Established the Kirameki Promotion Office to further promote women’s careers
2006 Launched modular kitchen CUISIA A Type Plan
2006 Established TOTO Universal Design Research Center (Chigasaki) Established TOTO SANITARIOS DE MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V. (current TOTO MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V.) in Mexico Embarked on the TOTO Acorn Reforestation Project
2007 Launched Neorest Hybrid series with Hybrid Ecology System
2007 Changed corporate name from TOTO KIKI LTD. to TOTO LTD.
2008 Launched Restroom Item 01 (Universal Design series of public toilets)
2008 Established TOTO Europe GmbH in Germany Established TOTO ASIA OCEANIA PTE. LTD. in Singapore Established TOTO Germany GmbH in Germany
2009 Announced TOTO V-Plan 2017 Established TOTO Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand (current TOTO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.) Exhibited products at one of the world’s largest exhibit ISH for the first time
2010 Launched CRASSO modular kitchen Launched the Eco Single faucet Launched AIR-IN-SHOWER Showerhead
2010 Announced TOTO Environmental Vision 2017
2011 WASHLET TM shipments reach 30 million units Launched WASHLET TM Apricot with EWATER+, antibacterial electrolyzed water (nozzle cleansing)
2011 Established TOTO INDIA INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. in India Established TOTO Do Brasil Distribuição e Comércio, Ltda. in Brazil Established TOTO (Fujian) Co., Ltd. in China Joined the United Nations Global Compact Great East Japan Earthquake
2012 Launched new SAZANA system bathroom with double insulation sturcture Hokkarari floors for single-family homes Launched Neorest AH/RH and WASHLET TM apricot with EWATER+, antibacterial electrolyzed water (seat cleansing) Completion of Tokyo Skytree
2013 Launched aerosol deposition film products Started production of ceramic film through the aerosol deposition process Launched Bedside Flushable Toilet Launched Flush Tank Style Commercial Compact Toilet with new flush tank type flushing system
2013 Established TOTO AQUATECHNO LTD.
Launched Flush Tank Style Commercial Compact Toilet with new flush tank type flushing system Launched WASHLET TM PS adopting an eco remote control that does not needing dry cell batteries
2014 Launched TOTO Global Environmental Vision
2015 Cumulative sales of WASHLET TM exceeded 40million units Launched NEOREST Hybrid series AH/RH toilet featuring WASHLET TM with built-in EWATER+ (deodorizer) Launched Aqua Auto A Type automatic faucet with built-in EWATER+
2015 Opened GALLERY TOTO in Narita International Airport Opened TOTO Museum
2016 Launched CRASSO modular kitchen with built-in ewater+ Launched Octave bathroom vanity unit with built-in ewater+
2017 Launched NEOREST NX toilet featuring WASHLET TM globally Launched the Faucet 10 of water faucets such as the GO series, destinguished by their sophiscated designs, to the global market
2017 100th anniversary of TOTO Announced TOTO WILL 2022
2018 Launched new SYNLA with built-in EWATER+ for single-family homes and remodeling bathrooms in apartments Cumulative sales of unit bathrooms exceeded 10million units
2017 Anshin Remodeling Declaration Established TOTO AQUAENG LTD.
Expanding Business in 18 Countries and Territories(as of January 2019). TOTO has expanded its business to 18 countries, including Japan and China as well as to other countries in Asia and Oceania, the Americas, and Europe. We are proposing functional plumbing spaces with comfort that have TOTO's advanced technology to customers throughout the globe. We have earned high praise worldwide for the TOTO plumbing products we have delivered to many renowned hotels in each corner of the world.
Over 50.00 Million Units Total WASHLET TM shipped worldwide (as of March 2019) The WASHLET TM dramatically changed the bathroom  culture in Japan since its release in 1980. Today, the WASHLET TM is showing steady growth throughout the world.